December News 2020

Dear Clients and Friends,

Season’s Greetings!  I’m wrapping up 2020 and it’s been a solid year of business.  The landscaping industry in our area was not adversely affected by COVID, except where it came to finding people who were willing to work.  Doing physical labor, that puts demands on the body, and requires one to work in all types of weather conditions, takes a certain type of person (with out the threat of a Pandemic keeping people home).  The world seems to be producing less of these types of people.  And it’s really too bad, because it makes for a very healthy job choice.

When I first started Hartland Designs, a landscape architect told me that with every new design I should be stretching myself creatively.  I should never do the same thing twice, even if it worked beautifully.  I have taken this advice very seriously.  Every client should be getting something unique that reflects their needs and personality, integrates well with their property, and enhances the quality of the things already present.  This commitment to uniqueness has given me a lot of personal satisfaction, greater confidence, and broader experience.  Last year I created a garden and one of a kind water fountain for a color blind customer, this year I designed a garden made up almost entirely of native plants, with a commitment to providing food sources to native insects, birds and mammals.

For the past four years, Berkshire Botanical Garden has hosted Rooted in Place, an Ecological Gardening Symposium.  This year I was asked to join their panel with two other Landscape Designers to discuss gardening with native plants.  If you are interested in watching our panel, you can click this link.

2020 is nearly behind us, and I have already started planning for 2021.  I have begun selecting annuals and creating designs for many of my clients.  If you are used to getting annuals from me, stay tuned to receive your pinterest link for your board.  If you don’t usually have me plant annuals on your property and are looking for a little all-season splash of color, please contact me.  Anyone can view pictures of 2021 Annuals on Pinterest.

And finally, if any of you have the time, as a helpful gift to me, would you be willing to post a review on my Facebook page?   Here is a link to that page.
I wish you all a very healthy and happy new year.See You in the Spring,
Rebekah Lamphere
Hartland Designs Inc