Bill Aaron, Columbia County, NY

Rebekah Lamphere of Hartland Design has been part of our Berkshire life for over nineteen years. She brings to our gardens the knowledge of a Horticulturist, a great eye for color, a staff, that she works side by side with, who are efficient, pleasant and knowledgeable. It is her collaboration with us that makesHartland Design special as she shares with us the process of making our property extraordinarily beautiful. Hartland design creates beauty and we are very fortunate to enjoy it every day.

Jane and Marty Schwartz, Monterey, Ma

For well over sixteen years Rebekah Lamphere and her company, Hartland Design, have provided our family and our home with landscape design, implementation and maintenance services. She and her company have created and maintained an incredible paradise of terraces, stone work, flowers, trees and gardens while at the same time tying it all together into a beautiful mosaic. Rebekah is talented, creative, attentive to details, dependable, and while she may initially be the quietest person in the room, her ideas and recommendations generally make the most sense.  Her judgment, creativity, sense of proportion,  attention to detail, cost, and outside- the- box solutions set her apart. We would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone desiring excellent landscape design and maintenance services.

B. Loeb, W Stockbridge

Rebekah is wonderful. She’s very creative, but also really tries to understand what you want and to customize what she does in line with your sensibilities and needs. I originally contacted her just to get my garden back in shape, as it had been poorly maintained for some time. Eventually, she recognized that I spend a lot of time looking out of my living room and kitchen windows, and pointed out that most of the garden was not visible from those places. She came up with a re-design so that I will now be able to see so much more from my favorite places in the house and on the porch. She even planned the colors with the fact that I’m color blind in mind. And when I fantasized about how nice it would be to hear the sound of a fountain, she came up with an original design that is now the centerpiece of the garden, and provides the most wonderfully calming sound when I’m working in my office or just reading in the living room or porch. By the way, she’s also an awfully nice person and a pleasure to work with on top of all that talent!

Karen and Warren McCormick of Canaan, NY.

We have collaborated with Rebekah for the past five years, transforming our garden through both enhancements to existing features and larger scale projects.

Rebekah listens to our ideas and shares her own, using her creativity, knowledge and attention to detail to turn them into a comprehensive, well thought out and attractive garden design which she, along with her fantastic crew, then work tirelessly to make reality.

Rebekah’s vision and design is supported by her hardworking, conscientious, diligent crew who are always professional whether they are doing a Spring or Fall tidy up, installing a new project or just routine garden maintenance. This quality of service and dedication to her clients along with the personal attention allows you to fully enjoy your garden and do as little or as much as you choose, knowing that everything is in safe hands.

Additionally the excellent specialist companies she partners with are of an equally high standard with the same professional level of service and care.

In summary Rebekah’s service is exemplary in every aspect.

Lisa Vertucci, Columbia County, NY

Rebekah’s work is stunning. In our experience, the magic that she produces hinges on three critical capabilities. First, she knows more about plants, flowers, soil, bugs and nasty pests than any of her clients will care to understand. She knows her stuff and will keep your gardens healthy. Second, she has a painter’s sensibility. Rebekah has the eye of an artist and anyone who hires her will be forever (almost literally, given the kinds of gardens she plants) grateful. Finally, she is just a delightful person. I am always happy to spend time with Rebekah – and Rebekah spends time with her clients to understand their sensibilities and desires. She is an expert landscape designer with a big heart and a tremendous ability to tease out the natural beauty of your particular setting.